Internet of Things (IOT) Training

IoT Training In Bangalore


In this Internet of Things Training(IoT Training) Course, you will learn  IoT introduction, building your own IoT device, sensors, IoT communication, and security. This IoT training will help you be a part of the IoT revolution underway around the globe.

Target audience:

Software developers, engineers, data analysts, big data professionals and anybody who wants to make a career in the field of Internet of Things.

IoT Training In Bangalore

Course Content:

  • What is the Internet of Things? (Introduce how it is a game changer and the value addition by IoT solutions)
  • Are we already using it in some way or another?
  • What are the need and Applications?
  • Existing
  • Future capabilities of
  • Overview(Explain basics from hardware software and cloud layer)
    1. Details of Hardware(2)
      1. How Hardware has evolved over the past years
      2. How to choose a hardware for a project?
      3. Challenges being faced with hardware
    2. Details of Software(Edge Gateway or Cloud)(6)
      1. Communication Protocols
        1. How it evolved from REST to other protocols and the need of bidirectional protocol for IoT
      2. Comparison of various protocols and how to select a protocol when deploying(REST, MQTT, CoAP, AMQP)
    • How to implement these protocols
    1. Details of the cloud part(6)
      1. Why it is needed?(for analytics and Machine Learning)
      2. Explaining the basic structure of various IoT platforms (AWS, Azure, IBM and IoTivity open source platform)
      3. Comparison of Various IoT Platforms with respect to various services offered by them

    How to select a platform as per projects requirement?

    1. Explanation of Data Flow in a typical IoT use case
    2. Databases used for storage and their features
    3. Basic Visualization and how a Sample Power Bi dashboard is created
    4. What to do with this data? (to explain the basics of ML and long-term scope for collected data)
  1. To Explain the need of security in
  2. Working Implementation of IoT Security throughout all layers of IoT
  • Prior Market Research
  • Do’s and Dont’s

Deploy one actual use case to either of the IoT platforms from data collection to visualization


Now the number of Internet-connected things is growing exponentially bringing in new job roles and career opportunities to those who are proficient in IoT technology, deployment, management and security. It is surely a new frontier opening up and taking this IoT training will definitely put you in a different league and help you command top dollar salaries in the IoT domain.


  1. The Arduino & Raspberry Pi interface for IoT
  2. USB, HDMI and Ethernet protocols of IoT communication
  3. Controlling physical IoT devices like switches, motors, sensors
  4. IoT components, devices, hardware, software requirements
  5. The various layers of IoT infrastructure
  6. IoT embedded systems & micro-controllers
  7. Working with Big Data and deploying Data analytics

What are the various modes of training that SAN IT offers?

If you have any queries we provide email support and solution to queries. You can raise your queries even after completion of training to get support and assistance.

Do you provide placement assistance?

Yes, SAN IT Solutions does provide you with placement assistance and the process of preparing yourself for the interview and the job.

What kind of projects will I be working on?

We provide real-world projects wherein you can apply your knowledge and skills that you acquired through our training. Making you perfectly industry-ready.


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